Caution: absurd / politically incorrect / wrong agenda – Trash Toastmasters on Tue 31/07 (bilingual)

Mannheim International Toastmasters and Rhetorikclub Mannheim meet on Tue 31/07/2012 to “Trash” Toastmasters, a Toastmasters evening of a different kind. For two hours we throw our principles to the wind and forget about our expectations for a successful meeting . . .

Let’s work through the agenda in reverse order, starting with the end of the meeting and the evaluations! Of course the principles of appreciation will find little attention and difficult issues such as politics / sex / religion can be part of your speech.

How does one evaluate a speech that was not even held? Be creative and think about small tasks for the speaker (e.g. showing bad speaking skills, dancing on the table) or don’t necessarily focus on a positive feedback. Accept the challenge and present a speech which surprise effects were already announced in the evaluation.

You can find our agenda and enrol in the meeting here (presentations can be held in German and English).

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