The Red Plague – Our Meeting of September 25th, 2012

Table Topics Master Ravi (in red) with TME Jazzmin (also in red)
Table Topics Master Ravi (in red) with TME Jazzmin (also in red)

This Tuesday, our meeting theme was “The Color Red”. It was chosen by Jazzmin, our Toastmaster of the Evening. She was truly “content” (word of the day by Stefan) with the other participants because almost everybody had brought something red with them – mostly worn as clothes.

Every meeting is more fun with guests. This time we had the honor to salute our old friend and former Club President Marty, who – although having “escaped” to the Heidelberg club – joined us for the evening. From the Dutch Serengeti he had brought a sophisticated Joke of the Evening involving a dangaroos (sic!) animal story.

Our second guest, Bernhard, announced to join the club during the next meeting. A decision that was answered by a warm applause by all attendants.

During his Table Topics session, Ravindra challenged the participants with assignments as diverse as describing life as an astronaut (Günter), interpreting red as a symbol of luck (Martin S.), Unveiling the secret of a happy marriage (Jeff) and to cope with difficult questions by children (Martin E.).

With four prepared speeches we had a packed agenda and plenty of diverse input from the speakers. First Buncha gave his Icebreaker speech. In it, he elaborated on his Thai origin and the obstacles he had to overcome, in order to come to Mannheim.

Then Diego, in his Icebreaker speech, provided us with an example of how differently the world is perceived – depending on our own origin. Now we know he’s not only a gifted speaker but also a painter! 🙂

Speaker No. 3 was Martin E. He told us the heart-breaking story of how he had to part from his old beloved car and about the thrilling experience of buying some new wheels.

René, as the fourth speaker took us back in time, when he brought the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 back to life. Only later was it known, that he went over the allotted time on purpose: The timer’s red light just fitted so nicely to the theme of the evening… 😉

Günter, Martin S., Jeff and JP all presented insightful evaluations for the speakers before Stefan (General Evaluator) gave us an overall assessment of the meeting.

The colorful an funny evening ended – as tradition demands – at Mario’s Restaurant “Madrid”.

See you all at the Area Contest also in the Bürgerhaus Neckarstadt, starting this Saturday, September 29th, at 1 p.m.!


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