If you light a lamp for someone else…

.. it will also brighten your path.

My dear fellow Toastmasters,

how did it feel to find out about Toastmasters?
How did it feel to act on it and to attend?
How long did it take you?

Maybe there was someone who told you about it, maybe you found out on your own.
It does not matter, now that you are here!

But there are others out there who YOU can give a little light.
That friend, that colleague, that acquaintance who could really benefit from better speaking and leading skills.

Light a lamp for them and invite them to Toastmasters, it will brighten your path as well.

We have our Membership Contest running in May and June. And you can win A FREE MEMBERSHIP!
It’s easy:
For every guest you bring, you get 1 point.
If a guest you have brought joins us in May or June, you get 1 more point.

If we grow by 5 new members in these 2 months, then, and only then, the person with the highest number of points wins the FREE MEMBERSHIP! If there is a tie, we will draw for the winner.

It’s easy, it’s fun and you can help others!

I bet you are already thinking of someone you could invite for Tuesday. DO IT NOW!

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