Recap: “Fir and Ice” Meeting on Nov.12th

The last Toastmasters meeting from Mannheim started with Jeff’s friendly warm-up as usual, then followed by Martin.S’s welcome speech. We had embraced a lot of new friendly faces again: Michael, Muralidharan, Wei Xiang and Dominicor . Our family is really getting bigger and more diversified. What a great progress!

Doozy, a word that looked nice and was not known to Sophia as she mentioned,meaning something outstanding or unique of its kind, was chosen as the “word of the evening”. Martin.S has spontaniously applied to be the joker of the evening, who told us the hilarious psychology related joke that he has always liked. “Fire and Ice”, the same topic as the theme of the meeting evening, was picked by Oliver for table topic round. Several new guests as well as experienced TM members have accepted the challenges to give impromptu speeches, from whom Jeff, thanks to his impressive talk about “why hatred is meant to be ice instead of fire”, has won the best speake r award.

During the second part of the meeting, the prepared speeches, we welcomed three speakers, Wenrong, Sophia and Guenter. Wenrong shared her recent experience when her mother visited her from China; Sophia told us one interesting story plot of Alice’s Adventures in Philosophy-Wonderland with very vivid mocking voices; then, Guenter read a really funny novel abstract, the arrival, from one of his favorite books. It was regarding a journey to India as a tourist. Guenter used different paces, passions and voices to succesffully recreate the exact environment of the story to all audience. No wonder he won the final best speech award of the evening!

Evaluation was led by Alexander again with his team members Steven, Diego and Martin.E. All of them have excellent performances and Martin.E was chosen as the best evaluator in the end.

When members and guests almost finished the beverages and snacks carefully prepared by the officer team, the evening session was also over. Though winter was approaching, Toastmasters members continued to have good modes and therefore Mario’s restaurant became the next house for us to chat…

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