Letting go [Meeting Report of 2021-01-26]

For our second meeting of the year 2021 our toastmaster of the evening, Martin, introduced the theme letting go and led through the evening with many tips how to let things go in order to get a more relaxed attitude to everything. He mentioned the Sedona technique as a method to overcome difficult situations and let go of painful feelings. He also promoted the book “declutter your life inside and out” by Mary Kando.

As always, our presiding officer Poorana started the evening welcoming our guests. We had the pleasure to talk to Jorge from Portugal, Amrith and Marianka who had already been guests to our club.

Our Table Topics master Oliver introduced five quotations about letting go and asked the individual speakers what they meant to them:

Jeff talked about the quote: “Sometimes letting go is an act of greater power than defending or hanging on”. (By Eckhard Tolle)
Jorge chose the quote: “If you want to fly give up everything that weighs you down”.
Amrith delivered a speech on: “Letting go does not mean you stop caring. It means you stop trying to force others”. (By Mandy Hale)
Marianka opted for: “In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past but you will find yourself”. (By Deepak Chopra).
The award for the best table topic speaker went to Jeff.

We had two prepared speeches. Poorana took a topic from his work and spoke about how to lead a project concentrating on the most important things in order to progress faster. The title of his speech was “Do not sweat the small stuff.” The speech is part of the pathways project Innovative Planning.

Within the path Presentation Mastery Karl – our second speaker –  succeeded in the project Persuasive Speaking. In his speech titled “Just Do It” he managed to convince us doing more sports and physical exercise. Karl was voted for the best speaker.

The evaluations were given by JP and Sybille. The award was given to JP. At the end of the again very inspiring evening Poorana thanked the officers Oliver, Sybille and JP for participating at the toastmasters Leaders Institute meeting last Saturday and congratulated Jeff for his excellent moderation at the meeting. Finally, he mentioned the educational achievements. Fang Fang gained the triple crown and Martin concluded two levels in one Toastmaster year.

Here is a screenshot from the meeting:

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