White elephant gift exchange [Meeting Report of 2021-12-14]

Hurrah, again a new member. Uli Kerstin joined the club and was voted in. Welcome Uli in the team.

White elephants are sacred and expensive. When this animal is given as a present it is more trouble than it is worth. In a white elephant gift exchange participants have the chance to get rid of something that has been given that you definitely don’t want to have. You might say: one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. In our Zoom sessions this can only be done virtually. Six Table Topics sessions were based on this gift exchange and were good fun.

– Uli got a girl’s dress. She explained how wonderful this gift was.
– Harriet received an empty connective box. She made up various possible usages for this box.
– Armin admired the statue lovers in a heart and talked about the importance of true love.
– Kala liked the beeswax candles because they give so much light in these dark days.
– Adam received a white mug which suited well to his room and he likes coffee.
– Oliver’s oriental rug fitted well with the decorations in his flat.

Our guests participated eagerly in the Table Topics and we were glad to welcome Michel, Armin and Ira. Michal and Ira even delivered prepared speeches as guest speakers. Our friend and Area Director joined us again; it is always a joy to have Adam with us.

The word of the evening  “loquacious” was presented by Karl. It means to be talkative in the sense of talking too much. It was used three times.

The four prepared speeches were a real gift to the evening:

Michael Kana started with his speech “The bright side of shame”; in a very humorous way Michael depicted is first love story and the reaction of his family to it. JP evaluated the speech and advised Michael to use more pauses to give the audience the chance to digest the punch lines and laugh.

Poorana took over with his speech “Where are the cats”. He vividly described how a misunderstanding in a foreign language can cause trouble – a very entertaining and well-structured speech. In her evaluation Sybille pointed out the excellent use of body language and changing positions for the dispute of his inner voices.

Karl, our third speaker, talked about his Christmas experiences as a child: “Christmas, my story”. Jeff like the speech very much and suggested to use more vocal variety, body language, and to paint a fuller picture for the audience with more details (smells, descriptions, etc).

Our fourth speaker, Ira, gave a speech titled: “A hidden Gem”. Working on level 4 of Visionary Communication, Ira talked about how to develop the skills needed to effectively use public relations strategies for any group or situation.  Poorana was his Evaluator.

Craig rounded off the evening with his wonderful and lively General Evaluation and gave helpful feedback to all speakers and functions of the evening.
In the award session, Poorana was selected as best speaker and also as best evaluator. The award for the best table topic speech went to Harriet.

We wish all members and guests a great holiday season with lots of fun, joy, time to fill up the batteries and good health.
Stay negative and see you all in 2022.


Our next meeting is on the 11th of January. Hope  to see you then!

Best Christmas wishes,


Here is a snapshot of the meeting:

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