Storytelling [Meeting Report of 2022-02-08]

“Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.”
— Robin Moore, author

Wow, 18 participants! The online format of the club is successful, again a good number of guests joined. We could welcome Adam from Ramstein again, Moritz who participated the second time,  Martin from BASF Toastmasters, Christiane from the Rhetorik Club Heidelberg and Sabine from TM Wiesbaden. Sabine took the opportunity to inform about the Division F Conference which takes place online on March 26 ( ).

Jeff as Toastmaster of the evening introduced the theme storytelling with an anecdote. Storytelling techniques were used in the joke by Martin and the thought of the day by Kevin. Both parts were vividly depicted with vocal variety.

Harriet led through the table topics session for the first time and also used the storytelling format. She told the beginning of a story which was then continued by Adam, Sabine, Uli, Ksenjia and finally Karl managed to round the story off and found a logic ending.
A firework of creativity was released by the speakers. This was very funny and everyone enjoyed it.

Jeff as Toastmaster very well introduced the two speakers of the evening. Florian delivered his Icebreaker speech with the title: “How (not) playing the cello brought me to Toastmasters”. This was a very powerful speech with lots of information about Florian we could connect to. Kala, the second speaker, talked about her experiences when getting a driving license: “Driving a car is not your cup of tea”.  Her very different experiences regarding her driving lessons in India and Germany were extremely entertaining.

Sybille led through the evaluation part of the evening. In his evaluation of Florian’s Icebreaker JP pointed out the excellent speaking skills Florian already showed – strong confidence, clear structure, lots of vocal variety. Martin liked the way Kala started her speech involving the audience with questions. He especially liked the different perspectives of becoming a car driver and her personal experiences, as well as her use of humor.

Sybille gave feedback to all roles that were performed during the evening highlighting Craig’s report as Grammarian who again kept a very close eye on the use of the English language and gave valuable tips e.g.for proper pronunciation. Also the Ah-Counter report by Kevin was very detailed and exact.

Our presiding officer Poorana finished the meeting with the award session. The best table topic speakers were Uli and Karl. The best speaker award went to Florian and JP did the best evaluation.

All in all again a great meeting. This time the agenda was filled well in time prior to the meeting and all participants registered in easy speak. This was a big improvement and made preparation for the Toastmaster of the evening easier.
Thanks to Sybille for this great recap.
Our next meeting is on 22th of February, hope to see you all there!
Best wishes,  Jeff

Here is a snapshot of the meeting (three participants had to leave early)

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