Contentedness [Meeting Report of 2022-11-08]

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for”. Epicurus

In our third in-person meeting three prepared speeches and three dedicated evaluations were delivered. An evening full of inspiring ideas and lots of fun.

Caroline and Alexandro were our guests, and both gave extremely positive feedback to the evening.
Evening was conducted by Sybille as Toastmaster, Oliver as General Evaluator, Alexia took the time role and gave the word of the day “saint-like”. The word was used once in the evening.

How can you achieve contentedness, adjust your perspective to appreciate what you have so that e.g. you  you start enjoying the sunshine instead of complaining about sunburn?
Sybille gave some tips like – live in the present, be grateful for what you have, appreciate little things, take time to reflect, stop comparing yourself to others, fake it till you make it (do not complain when you feel bad), love yourself.

Uli explained the function of Table Topics and asked three questions:

1. Who is your longest friend and how do you feel the connection? Florian referred to his wife and described a very close connection to her.
2. Which celebration or festival embodies connectedness for you most?
Shruti gave us an insight into the culture in India with lots of festivals and described the festival of lights.
3. How did you maintain a personal feeling of connectedness during the pandemic? Our guest Caroline talked about the way she kept in touch with her family in Kenia.
We had three prepared speeches. In his path presentation mastery Florian focused on the project effective body language. In his speech with the title “surprisingly different impact on climate change among grocery bags”,  he compared the environmental impacts of different kinds of grocery bags. His speech was evaluated by Shruti, who jumped in that role and did it for the first time. Well done Shruti. She praised Florian’s speaker qualifications and mentioned that the body language could have been a bit stronger in some parts.

The second speech was Gabi’s Icebreaker. She spoke about how Origami came into her life and how it accompanied her over the years until now. With nice prompts she led us through the history of her life till now and all the different places she had been to. Martin, her dedicated evaluator, congratulated Gabi for her excellent speech. He especially loved her enthusiasm and the positive energy of her speech.

A very different speech was given by Katharina. It focused on leadership and compared different leading approaches in the voluntary field and a professional working environment. In her title she referred to the quotation: “You don’t have to be a Schnitzel in order to roast it” and explained its meaning. Her speech was evaluated by Oliver who praised a well structured and presented speech.

This evening we could vote for three functions. The best TT award went to Shruti. Congratulations. The best evaluator was Martin and the best speaker Gabi. Congratulation to all winners. Thank you to everyone taking part in the meeting which was again a very joyful and inspiring evening.

“Contentedness is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty”, Sokrates

Thanks to Sybille for this fine recap!


Join us for our next (online) meeting on the 22. of November.

Best Toastmaster greetings, Jeff

Mannheim Int. Toastmasters

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