Thanksgiving and the gift of gratitude [Meeting report of 2020-11-24]

Dear friends,
I came away from our meeting on the 24th of November with a feeling of great fulfillment. Why? Well, three facets of the meeting played a role. 

First, the meeting theme of “gratitude” is something that is dear to my heart and the healing power of giving thanks was palpable in the spirit of the evening. Fangfang did a wonderful job of leading us through the evening as Toastmaster of the Evening, bridging the agenda segments with lovely quotes about gratitude. Furthermore, Oliver let the participants in the Table Topics tell of their experiences of being thankful.

Second, it was exciting to have so many guests, both experienced Toastmasters from other clubs as well as newcomers to Toastmasters. Two of our guests, Marcus Bonsiepen (President of the Toastmasters Witten) and Mindaugas Račkaitis (Immediate Past President of Confident Voices Vilnius) took over roles as Evaluators. It is always enriching for a club to have experienced Toastmasters from outside give of their knowledge as Speech evaluators. Thanks to you both! 

And thirdly, Poorana was voted in to become our President starting the 1st of January, 2021. Poorana has not only shown great enthusiasm for the club and for the Toastmaster program, he is also a very moving speaker.

Here a snapshot of the evening!

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 8th, 19:15.


The evening theme is „passion“, so I look forward to meeting all of you again. Don’t forget to bring your passion to the meeting!

Best wishes, Jeff Gordon.

Friendship [Meeting report of 2020-11-10]

Our meeting on 10.11.2020 had ‘Friendship‘ as the theme of the meeting.

The evening had one prepared speech by Fangfang. She delivered an interesting keynote speech in which she compared the companies Apple and Alibaba, their founders and the cultural elements in these companies.

It was a great evening and thank you everyone for contributing to it. New guests are welcome to join us.

Our next meeting will be on 24.11.2020 at 19h15.

Here is the zoom link to join us:

Halloween [Meeting report of 2020-10-27]

Out meeting on 27.10.2020 had ‘Halloween‘ as the theme of the evening.

The evening was great with two prepared speeches and interesting table topic speeches. The first prepared speech was delivered by Jeff Gordon in which he shared an interesting story as an analogy to married life and showed us how one can use the five love languages to strengthen relationships. In the second speech, Poorana shared an interesting story and implied the importance of inclusion in any organization. This was then followed by great evaluations from Sybille and christiane.

As the Table Topic Master, Fangfang brought interesting topics about Halloween and As the Toastmaster of the Evening, Sybille did a great job in leading us throughout the program.

It was a great evening and a big Thanks to everyone who has contributed to it.

Harvesting [Meeting Report of 2020-10-13]

Our meeting on 13.10.2020 had ‘harvesting‘ as the theme of the evening.

“With every deed you are sowing a seed, though you may not see it”. Ella Wheeler Wilcox

We had an excellent evening with great speeches and interesting thoughts for life. We had international guests in the meeting who added more value and inputs to our meeting.

The table topics section was filled with interesting proverbs about harvesting and the figurative meaning associated with them. The table topic speakers shared personal stories, interesting thoughts and their interprations of the proverbs.

The prepared speeches section had two great speeches. Sriram as the first speaker shared with us how he found the mantra to answer the toughest questions in life by watching his favourite movie for the second time. Through his excellent speech he passed on the message to live in the moment. Fangfang was the second speaker who shared with us the PR strategy to make our club more visible and reachable. Though her extensive research and background work, she impressed and motivated us to team up with her to contribute to our club.

This was followed by great evaluations by Jeff and JP who not only pointed out the strengths but also guided the speakers with tips to take their speeches to the next level.

All in all, it was great meeting and a big Thanks to everyone who contributed to it. Guests are most welcome to join us and grow with us.

Our next meeting will be on 27.10.2020 at 19h15.

Here is the zoom link to join us: