Recap: Our Meeting of July 9th, 2013

By Keith Pomakis (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Summer of Success (by Keith Pomakis, via Wikimedia Commons)
This was the first MITC gathering in the new Toastmasters year. Martin S. as our new Club President welcomed the fifteen members and four guests who had come to celebrate a “Summer of Success” (meeting theme by Alexander).

Among the guests, there was Jenni as a first time visitor and a friend of René’s. For Viktor it was the second MITC meeting as well as for Ankur who had visited our club together with come colleagues from Mannheim Business School last year. We also welcomed Stefan as a guest from the German speaking “Rhetorikclub Mannheim”.

Martin E. as Toastmaster of the Evening skillfully introduced the agenda and the roles of the evening. Despite some short term changes he and VP Ed Alexander had managed to prepare and run the meeting brilliantly. Continue reading “Recap: Our Meeting of July 9th, 2013”

Magic December – Our meeting of December 11th, 2012

Yesterday evening, our meeting theme was “Magic December”. Martin S. as Toastmaster of the Evening had carefully prepared the event and also some other members contributed sweets and some Christmas decoration. Rather furtively Kate Bush had slipped into the room: The lyrics of her song “December will be magic again” was read (and partly even sung!) by Martin S. which added to the season’s mood. Continue reading “Magic December – Our meeting of December 11th, 2012”

The Red Plague – Our Meeting of September 25th, 2012

Table Topics Master Ravi (in red) with TME Jazzmin (also in red)
Table Topics Master Ravi (in red) with TME Jazzmin (also in red)

This Tuesday, our meeting theme was “The Color Red”. It was chosen by Jazzmin, our Toastmaster of the Evening. She was truly “content” (word of the day by Stefan) with the other participants because almost everybody had brought something red with them –犀利士
mostly worn as clothes.

Every meeting is more fun with guests. This time we had the honor to salute our old friend and former Club President Marty, who – although having “escaped” to the Heidelberg club – joined us for the evening. From the Dutch Serengeti he had brought a sophisticated Joke of the Evening involving a dangaroos (sic!) animal story. (more…)