Become a member


We appreciate your interest in Mannheim International Toastmasters Club and of course would like to welcome you in our club. To help you with your decision about joining in the Club, we have put a short guide together below.

Three steps to be a Toastmaster

Typically, a potential new Toastmasters member goes through three steps to join – Know Toastmasters, Experience Toastmasters and Join Toastmasters.

  • Know Toastmasters: since you are reading this guide on our website, you are already taking the first step to get to know the Mannheim International Toastmasters Club. Apart from this website, you are also invited to explore our Facebook page. There, you can find the latest stories about our meetings and hot topics within the club. Besides, you can also find more general information about the global network of Toastmasters clubs on the website of Toastmasters International.
  • Experience Toastmasters: if you are interested in what our meetings are like, you are warmly welcome to come to our meetings as a guest and experience Toastmasters yourself. You can find out how a typical Toastmasters meeting is run and get to know our club members personally. If you like, you will also be invited to try out one of the active rolls like the “ah”-counter or to start exercising your skills in impromptu speaking in our table topic session.
  • Join Toastmasters: typically, after a couple of times of experiencing our meetings as an honored guest, we would ask for your feedback about how you liked it. In case you would like to keep on attending our meeting regularly, we of course would invite you to join in the club.

Fee policy

The annual fee for the Toastmasters membership is 96€ (8€ per month). There is no automatic renewal of the membership – you decide each year if you want to continue your membership. For the first time member, there is another 20€ due for the new member kit you will receive from Toastmasters International.


As a member of Mannheim International Toastmasters Club, you are eligible to attend the local meetings of the club and get great opportunity to develop your communication and leadership skills. In addition, as a member within a global network, you would also be able to attend meetings of other Toastmasters Clubs worldwide and go to regional and international Toastmasters conferences and competitions to further improve your communication and leadership skills.