Pathways – Your impressions

Dear members of Mannheim International Toastmasters,

some of you might already have tried out Pathways . Some of you may be adventurous enough to try it out before the demo. I’d like to collect your impressions here – what did you think worked, where did you struggle? What did you find exciting, what did you think was disappointing?

If you have already seen the overview and want to directly access Pathways, use this link.

Please write your impressions in the comments until Tuesday, and I will incorporate them in my speech project. With this, you may not only get a solution for problems you couldn’t solve so far, but contribute to make the experience for our guests and potential future member more smooth.

See you on Tuesday! (Note: If you can’t come on Tuesday, include your experience anyway! Not only could it help others, but we may record the demo and provide the video for future reference!)

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  1. Hi Oliver. I’ve been excited to start pathways but have real trouble finding my way around.

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