Improve your Rhetoric skills in Mannheim

Rhetoric is an art and a science. But most of all: practical. When it comes to rhetoric, practice makes perfect. But when do you ever have the chance to train your skills? Especially in a supportive environment? Certainly not in a business presentation for a potential client. Or when presenting your thesis at university. Or in a job interview. So when do you have the chance?

This is what Toastmasters is offering. In more than 14000 clubs worldwide we have more than 290000 members. They all regularly train their rhetorical skills in a variety of ways. This begins by focusing on the structure and organisation of a speech or presentation. Then you continue by sharpening your language and making it more vivid, training your body language to make it smooth and natural, improving vocal variety and so on. We also train the moderation, faciltation, persuasion, inspiration, storytelling and much more.

Everyone starts at their own level. All members support each other. We use written manuals, mentoring and especially feedback to develop ourselves. You can do this at your own pace, depending on how much time and effort you want to invest.

Feedback is very important to us. We focus on positive and constructive feedback. This motivates and supports our speakers. There are no teachers, we all support each other.

The difference to a rhetoric training is that this is not a one-time seminar, but a continuous training. You can make progress at your own pace. If you have time, you join us for the meeting, if not, you don’t have to. We have a very positive atmosphere that invites you to personal growth. This is the Toastmasters experience, which has helped thousands of people worldwide to better communicators, leaders and presenters.

All of that and more you can experience with us in English.
When: Every second and fourth Tuesday, 19:15
Where: B├╝rgerhaus Neckarstadt-West in Mannheim (Details here)

You can always find the agenda of our next meeting here

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