Meeting Recap Oct 22nd

Hi everybody,

Following our theme “Harvest of Abundance,” we had a truly inspiring, rich, and abundant meeting yesterday. Jazzmin revealed to us powerful techniques to make our table topics even more successful. Right away the table topics contestants were able to use them, and Jeff won, relating to us why he thinks that his book “Quick recipes for people who can’t cook” is going to be a bestseller.


Sophia won best speaker award by excelling in project #5 from the CC manual.She made us curious to know whether one day there might be a drug that could erase bad memories.

We had so much fun and insights yesterday, so please join us NEXT TUESDAY already to have a wonderful Toastmasters experience in English.

Best regards,

Martin Sturm

Our meeting on Aug 14 – a report by Günter

Holiday Mood

When learning a foreign language, don’t you just hate those “false friends” – words that resemble a word of your native language but have a quite different meaning in another? Presenting the word of the day, Diego shared with us the knowledge that “eventually” is such a false friend not only for Germans but also for Spanish native speakers. Continue reading “Our meeting on Aug 14 – a report by Günter”